Your first session with Figure for Exercise will begin with an assessment and a health history questionnaire.   These will be used to identify short term and long term goals for you.  From there, trainer Ruth Lukowski will identify benchmarks for you and lay out what you can expect yourself to achieve.  There will be gains!

With Ruth, exercises improve body mechanics, muscle symmetry, and result in the attainment of personal fitness goals. Ruth excels at applying boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and dance moves into aerobic workouts for variety and fun!  Weight lifting won’t be a drag.  Stronger bones, healthier hearts, and better blood sugar regulation comes with those squats, presses, raises, and much more.  Ruth will guide you through correct form and you will be energized by your own power from lifting towards your potential for sculpted strong lean muscle!

Each session includes a warm-up and cool-down as well as a proper workout for your health and readiness. It is Ruth’s pleasure to treat each client as an individual with custom exercises and modifications for any level.

Together, you and Ruth will reevaluate each month to stay accountable to your goals and expectations.