Figure 8 Class

Figure for Exercise's Ruth Lukowski

Welcoming new clients, wherever you are on the fitness continuum.

It’s time to start moving!  According to happy client Dave, showing up is 99% of the work and other 1% is going through the exercise motions. You can do this class!  Figure 8 class will take you as you are when you walk through the door.  Ruth will address proper posture, balance and incorporate strength training for muscle tone using repetitions in each muscle group for the maximum desired effect.  Burning Calories and having a great time.

Class is TBA. The address will follow in the email Ruth sends you upon signing up.

What to Expect:

  • It doesn’t matter when you start.
  • Your first class, you will bring your paper work, weigh in, and write the number in your folder. Ruth will correspond with you in your folder.
  • Sessions will include a warm-up, cool-down, interval aerobics,  body weight and free weight training.
  • Read more about Ruth Lukowski’s approach here: The Training


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Figure 8 – 8-Week Program
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Figure 8 – 4-Week Program
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Figure 8 – Drop-In (Single Session)
1 Session Payment


Please Note: For safety and security reasons please don’t share Ruth’s address. Ruth will not post her address on her website, Facebook, or in a private message.