Personal Trainer Ruth LukowskiFigure for Exercise was founded to broaden the positive experience of exercise for any figure. Inclusive, tailor made programs, in-home training through virtual connections and personal program design are just some of the services offered in Figure for Exercise’s out of the box approach.

Founder and service provider, Ruth Lukowski, is an ACE certified personal trainer and AFAA group exercise instructor. With over 500 hours of yoga instruction and several thousand of personal training, her diverse interests and experiences include: soccer, swing and salsa dance, martial arts, wrestling, hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, triathlon, and yoga. Ruth placed second in her division at the 2013 Blue Lake Triathlon, and achieved second in the State of Oregon’s Tae Kwon Do Tournament in 2003. She is an accomplished track and field competitor in sprints and javelin. While racing in high school she qualified for the State Tournament at Hayward Field, Eugene Oregon every year she raced.

Additionally, Ruth graduated Magna Cum Laude from Portland State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Communication. After several years working in construction project management, she began her life’s work of promoting a positive, results driven exercise experience for clients, a passion coming to fruition in Figure for Exercise.

Figure for Exercise training services include sessions and programs for pregnancy/postpartum, active duty fitness tests, marathons, triathlons, injury recovery, fat loss, muscle targeting, technique, cardiovascular health, chronic pain, osteoporosis, menopause and diabetes. Every ounce of your exercises will draw from experience and skills brought to in Figure for Exercise focused to achieve your goals expanding your figure’s health.

Message from Ruthie:

It is my passion and calling to inspire those I meet. My client testimonials describe how precisely I can push you and open you up to feel your very best, finding the results you seek. With me in your inbox, on your phone, on your screen or in person you will develop the tools to have the sleekest strongest figure you picture.

I have not always been in peak shape myself. Like you, I have a unique body and an up and down past. I have struggled back from very low lows and injuries centralizing how good I feel when I eat great and am at my healthiest weight. I started practicing yoga in 2004 to begin challenging my strength and flexibility. In 2009, I was asked to teach a Saturday Yoga class at Curt’s Ultimate Fitness and Fighting gym where the professional and amateur competitors improved flexibility and practiced meditation and visualization. When I was 16, I began teaching in team sports camps community centers in Portland, OR.  From these small beginnings of coaching kids to improve their physical performances and teaching myself yoga at home with no mat and no instructor, I have been developing the art of Figure for Exercise.

In 2013, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii where I fell in love with and married my amazing husband. On Oahu, I have delighted in training activity duty service members and greater warrior class community members. These folks pick up, move, and reestablish their home wherever their branch of service orders their families too. I have had the honor of helping them keep the figures they want through this process.

In 2015, my husband and I decided to start a family. Pregnancy is a unique stage for women. Through my child-bearing experience, I have exercised with more attuned intuition for what my body needs, which I can pass on to moms-to-be through their pregnancies and recovery seasons.