I highly recommend Ruth as a trainer.

When I started working out with Ruth I had been lifting for 3 years but had not been making progress. I was 6’4” and 228 when I started working, out with Ruth. I was benching 205# 3×10 and maxing at 265#, squatting 195# 3×8 and curling 35# 3×8 and had not been able to move that plateau for months. Furthermore, I was dealing with shoulder and knee pain. Working with Ruth changed all that. She corrected my poor form in benching, squatting and curls. After working with Ruth my max bench improved to 325#, my form got better and my back and shoulders stopped hurting. My squats improved due to the form improvements and new workouts that Ruth gave me. I am now squatting 50 more than I was previously with almost no knee pain. I was most dissatisfied with my arms. I had made no progress on my biceps despite months of work. Ruth corrected my poor curl form, gave me a number of new workouts and exercises that resulted in me gaining 2” in my biceps over 3 months. I am now curling 45# 3×10.

Ruth also gave me exercises for my abs, legs, and shoulders that have resulted in me gaining18 pounds of muscle and becoming noticeable bigger and broader, especially in the shoulders while at the same time losing fat.